Shopee Overview

Industry - Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Employee Count - 1K-10K

Headquarter Country - Singapore

Revenue - >1B

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Tech Stack of Shopee

CountryTechnology Technology CategoryDate of use
MalaysiaAdobe PhotoshopOther Audio, Video, Graphics ToolsDecember 2019
SingaporeAmbassadorDemand GenerationJuly 2019
SingaporeAnsibleCloud NativeJune 2019
IndonesiaAzureAzureMarch 2021
SingaporeBroadlyConversion Optimization MarketingMay 2020
SingaporeCadenceElectronic Design AutomationDecember 2019
IndonesiaContinuallyChatbot PlatformsAugust 2021
MalaysiaElementsBusiness Process ManagementFebruary 2021
PhilippinesElementsBusiness Process ManagementJanuary 2021
SingaporeElementsBusiness Process ManagementMay 2020

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Intent Coming From - Shopee

OrganizationIntent Topic Technology CategoryInvestment Type Duration (Months)
ShopeeManager and AboveNA Building Managerial Strength3
ShopeeManager and AboveNA Building Managerial Strength2
ShopeeManager and AboveAppointment Scheduling Management Building Managerial Strength2
ShopeeManager and AboveReal Estate Property Management Building Managerial Strength2
ShopeeMarketingNABuilding Team2
ShopeeMarketingNABuilding Team3
ShopeeMarketingDatabase ManagementBuilding Team2
ShopeeMarketingProgramming LanguagesBuilding Team2
ShopeeMarketingEmail Social Media MarketingBuilding Team2
ShopeeMarketingCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)Building Team2

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Employee Data Of - Shopee

Employee NameLinkedin Url Designation
Huiyan Pan View Profile Regional Content and Community Lead
Randy RaharjaView ProfileBrand Creative Lead
Rosemary TangView ProfileSenior Associate
Michelle Wong View Profile Assistant Manager, Employer Branding
Matthew Hoe View Profile Assistant Manager, Regional Operations
Rangga Garmastewira View Profile Senior Software Engineer
Rice Tang View Profile Senior UI/UX Designer
Menghua Sun View Profile Senior Data Analyst, Business Intelligence
Rohit Thakur View Profile QA Automation Specialist
Xiaoyu Yang View Profile Data Scientist

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopee is basically Internet & Direct Marketing Retail Industry / Company.

Shopee's Website is

Shopee Headquarters in Singapore Country

Shopee’s Revenue is >1B

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