Build Quota Crusher Pipeline

Focus on Top Accounts

Assign Your BDR the right accounts that are spending money on your offerings. Identify Top Accountsi n Every Territory.

Build Relations

Build Relations with accounts and their buying committees. Identify accounts where sales cycles will be longer, where decision makers are spread over globe.

Target Your Competition

Gain valuable insights into your competitors’ installed base and analyze the markets where there is displacement potential. Identify potential partners by seeing which complementary solutions are prevalent across global markets.

Identify Top Accounts that are spending significant money on your offering.

Execute partner marketing at scale. OceanFrogs’s propriterary algorithms will find the partners based on your customer personas.

OceanFrogs’s algorithms identifies decision makers fit for your offerings. Keep track of decision makers, org hierarchy.

"Great tool for account and lead intelligence and enrichment"​
What do you like best?

The team. They are super focused on making sure that we get the maximum value from using their product. I felt they were always focused on our goals and making us successful.

Director, Marketing


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