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The dilemma always starts after the “Hello”.

Sending out emails is an essential tool in Outbound Marketing. Even though, we keep complaining that email marketing has become outdated, yet it is one of the “go-to” means of reaching prospects.Bunch of emails lie in inboxes waiting to be opened. It may have tons of valuable B2B insights. Yet fate rests on that one click.

Personalization is the key strategy to achieve a high open rate. OceanFrogs provides auto-generated “conversation starters”. OceanFrogs’ proprietary competitive intelligence data and insights are generated by capturing updates from more than 4000 news sources daily. Our smart algorithms sieves through piles of news and awards data to identify that one piece that makes all the difference. We capture insights on target accounts and their decision makers.

On average, a person spends a maximum of 30 seconds on an email. We might as well make it count. OceanFrogs’ platform harnesses insights on awards and recognition of an organization and utilizes it to kick-start a conversation with a prospect. A sample of an auto-generated congratulatory email will provide a better picture.

Sample Email
oceanfrogs email sample

OceanFrogs generates conversation starters to grow a decision makers’ social media presence through LinkedIn. Making the right connection with the right decision maker can help an organization generate leads faster by keeping prospects engaged. We provide the first and second LinkedIn nudges.

prospect engagement

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