Own Your Pipeline

Identify ABM Accounts

Identify Top Accounts that are spending significant money on your offering.

Increase Account Coverage

Target buying committee including influencer, decision makers.

Segment Your Accounts with Intelligence

Utilize technology intelligence such as IT spend and technology purchase behavior, Deep Firmographics, Team Intelligence to segment groups of customers, approach them uniquely

Clean and enrich incoming leads

Get the most complete view of your leads with rich demographic and firmographic data to reduce form abandonment, increase lead volume and conversions, and speed engagement. Score and route leads based on a complete, current picture of the contact and their company.

Assign Your BDR the right accounts that are spending money on your offerings. Identify Top Accountsi n Every Territory.

Execute partner marketing at scale. OceanFrogs’s propriterary algorithms will find the partners based on your customer personas.

OceanFrogs’s algorithms identifies decision makers fit for your offerings. Keep track of decision makers, org hierarchy.

"Oceanfrogs' platform had been a really valuable tool for me."
What do you like best?
The platform has features like tracking ex-user movements, decision maker intelligence, and techno graphics, which I found really useful. It also has accurate data than the competitors, at relatively cheaper price than their peers.

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