Go Getter API

Go Getter API returns information on decision makers of a target account by taking first Name, last Name, organization name as inputs.
Input: {First Name, Last Name, Organization}
Output: {

Decision Maker-First Name, Last Name, Designation, Organization
DealMaker-Is Decision Maker a go-getter or not.
Email Adress-Valid Email Address (with score)
Linkedin Profile-Linkedin Profile
Language-Preferred Language Used by The Person
Religion-Religion practiced
Location-Country where decision maker works/worked
Functionality-Type of Responsibilities that he/she performs


<get> {Deepak, Nair, OceanFrogs}
Decision Maker-Deepak, Nair, Assistant Manager , OceanFrogs
DealMaker- Yes
Email Adress- deepak.krishnan@oceanfrogs.com
Linkedin Profile- https://www.linkedin.com/in/deepak-krishnan-54a930101/
Gender- Male
Language- Malayalam
Religion- Hindu
Location- Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Functionality- Business Intelligence


Technographics API returns technology stack of an organization by taking organization name as an input.
Input: {Organization}
Output: {


Technology Stack-Technologies being used by the company,
Updated Date-Date when technology was reportedly being used




Technology StackUpdated Date
GICJune 2019
Extract SystemMay 2019
ElasticSearchOctober 2018
NLTKAugust 2018
nginxAugust 2018
Scikit-LearnJune 2018
RNNJune 2018
LSTMJune 2018
KerasJune 2018
TensorflowJune 2018
MariaDBJune 2018
DB2June 2018
scalaJune 2018
VMwareJune 2018
bootstrapJune 2018


Custom Signals

We provide the list of target accounts that fit the intent and customer persona. We generate the list of target accounts based on your custom needs.

Digital Transofrmation
Learning and Development
Robotic Process Automation
New Drugs in Development
New Drugs in Testing
Number of downloads of app
Investment in Digital Maturity
Investment in Analytics
Hiring Trends
Innovation in Marketing

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps API returns information of an app by taking app name as an input.Input: {App Name}Output: {

App Category

- Category that mobile app belongs to

Number of Downloads

- Number of installs


- Rating by Users

Company Name

- Company that this app belongs to

Decision Makers

- Decision Makers of this company



example:<get> {Soundcloud}<return>{

App Category

- Soundcloud

Number of Downloads

- 100,000,000


- 4.3

Company Name

- SoundCloud

Decision Makers

- Deepak Nair




News API returns news of an organization by taking organization name as an input.
Input: {Organization}
Output: {News on all organizations is provided}

<get> {Nestle}
<return> {

(Nestle Press-

Nestle enters into exclusive negotiations to sell Nestle Skin Health to a consortium led by EQT and ADIA
Nestle today announced that it has entered into exclusive negotiations with a consortium led by EQT and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) for the sale of Nestle Skin Health for a value of Swiss franc 10.2 billion.

Supply Chain

(Nestle Press-

Nestle appoints Leanne Geale as General Counsel
The Nestle Board of Directors has appointed Leanne Geale as Executive Vice President and General Counsel and as a member of the Executive Board of Nestle S.A., effective August 1, 2019. In her role, Leanne Geale will oversee the company's Legal and Compliance functions.


(Nestle Press-

Nestle verifies three-quarters of its supply chain as deforestation-free
Nestle announced that 77% of its agricultural commodities are verified as deforestation-free. This is a key milestone in the company's efforts to achieve its zero-deforestation commitment.


(Nestle Press-

Nestle announces the global launch of a new range of Starbucks products to enjoy at home
Nestle announced the launch of a new range of coffee products under the Starbucks brand to be available globally. The new range consists of 24 products, including whole bean and roast and ground, as well as the first-ever Starbucks capsules developed using Nespresso and Nescafe Dolce Gusto proprietary coffee and system technologies.

Product Launch
 More News...


Website API returns organization website name by taking organization name as an input.
Input: {Organization}
Output: {Website for a particular organization is returned}

<get> {Microsoft}
<return> {https://www.microsoft.com/en-in}

Email Pattern

Email API returns email patterns used by an organization by taking organization name as an input.
Input: {Organization Name}
Output: {Email Pattern}

<get> {Oceanfrogs}
<return> {firstname.lastname@oceanfrogs.com}


Gender API returns gender by taking first name as an input.
Input: {First Name,Last Name}
Output: {Gender}

<get> {Deepak}
<return> {Male}

Preferred Language

Preferred Language API returns language (used by the person other than english) first name and last name as an input.
Input: {First Name,Last Name}
Output: {Language}



Religion API returns religion by taking first name and last name as an input.
Input: {First Name, Last Name}
Output: {Religion}

<get> {Deepak,Nair}
<return> {Hindu}