Job of a marketing professional

By Vinay Mehendiratta, PhD on December 8 2017

      There is significant activity and noise on all marketing channels. It is not easy to be visible anymore. Is it due to marketing automation? It is true that marketing automation has taken us to another level. ... Read More >

Holy Grail of Marketing

By Vinay Mehendiratta, PhD on October 6, 2017

       There are two problems that Industry still wants to solve efficiently 1. Are you engaging (with) the right buyer ? In other words, Is buyer engaged in solving the problem that you want to solve ? How do we answer that question:... Read More >

Airline Industry Insights Using OceanFrogs Platform

By Vinay Mehendiratta, PhD on September 8, 2017

       Information is key to B2B sales and marketing folks. This is one of weapons sales and marketing depends on. Keeping an eye on prospect customers is important and it is something that every marketing professional seeks. ... Read More >

Big Data in Marketing Automation

By Vinay Mehendiratta, PhD on September 4, 2017

      Days of cold calls in marketing domains are numbered. How many times do we respond positive to a cold call when the person on other side does not know us at all? Outbound lead generation ... Read More >

Intent Behind Analyzing Intent Data

By Vinay Mehendiratta, PhD on September 1, 2017

      OceanFrogs platform is built with AI driven data science approach to solve this problem. Our natural language programming based engine generate insights on target accounts. ... Read More >