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Marketing and sales teams in every company are challenged by the ever exploding quantity and variety of data available on Target Customer Accounts. Identifying right customer Accounts and surfacing the most qualified are tasks that have become time consuming and often done ineffectively by not taking advantage of all the information available. In fact there is too much of information with incredible signals that go unnoticed or unused. Either the teams are not aware of the existence of information or the information available is interpreted incorrectly. OceanFrogs believes data science can address these problems.

OceanFrogs Engine applies proprietary Natural Language Programming algorithms on unstructured data from 300+ free and paid sources including Financial Times, Forbes, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, BusinessWire, PRWire, etc. Additional data from company websites, job listings, financial filings, analyst reports, case studies, blogs, and social media platforms is also ingested to score, rank, and generate actionable insights on sales leads. The insights guide marketing and sales teams to high quality leads that have a current need that can be solved by the company.


CEO and Founder

Vinay earned his doctorate degree from Clemson University, SC. He focused on airline crew scheduling optimization then.He used data from Delta Airlines, FAA database on delays. He solved line capacity, meet pass planning, yard planning problems using simulation, optimization, and heuristics at Norfolk Southern Railroad working in highly reputated industrial engineering and operations research department. Vinay was fortunate to work on predictive maintenance including warranty cost models for GE turbines and windmills during his stay at TCS.Vinay worked on airline maintenance scheduling, railway crew scheduling, workforce planning, operational scheduling in Oil and Gas Industry problems at IBM. Vinay was responsible for analytics at Eka's Flagship product - Commodity Analytics Cloud. He and his team developed real time stockyard scheduling and natural gas storage scheduling. Vinay also analyzed coal mine's equipment behavior using data from SCADA systems.Vinay worked closely with inside sales and marketing and truly identified the need to serve B2B marketing teams with analytical offerings.At the same time, Vinay's team is putting his expertise to use in maintenance (predictive and preventive).


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