Target Right Accounts

Use Buying Signals. Know Your Decision Makers. Automate Market Campaign.

For Next Gen Inside Sales & Marketing Folks

Run Recommended Marketing Campaigns

Identify Target Customers Automatically

Find Decision Makers And Influencers

Categorize them in marketing list.
Use custom algorithms to separate decision makers from influencers

Find Leads Fast - Lead Generation

Search For Decision Makers by Designations, Target Customers. Enrich your CRM database with customer profiles.

Lead Enrichment

OceanFrogs Engine identifies Designations, Functionality, and Target Cutomers. Stores them in your CRM or OceanFrogs database.

Modify Leads - Lead Management

OceanFrogs Interface allows you to add, delete Target Customer from your pipeline. OceanFrogs generates intent of target customer from external data so that you can engage them better.

Lead Intelligence - Get Insights For Your Leads

OceanFrogs collects news and blogs from hundreds of sources everyday, tags it, organizes it so that you don't miss an insight on your target customer.

AI Based Prospecting

Fill your CRM with the companies you should be doing business with. Uncover organization personas from the signals provided. Discover the company insights needed to identify opportunities and grow relationships.



Acquire Prospects to engage based on recommendations from Discovery Engine



Construct and decode Lead organization persona based on their engagement signals



Qualify the Leads that show consistent and desired engagement pattern over time



Trigger signal-based targeted marketing campaigns with your Leads



Consume API to get all the Lead insights flowing into your CRM system

How It Works

OceanFrogs evaluates a variety of unstructured data sources generating insights on target customers. Helps marketing and sales teams identify ready-to-engage target customers. Helps them deliver personalized, effective message. 

  • 01 Upload Target Enterprise Customers

    Input a list of Accounts. OceanFrogs Engine recommends new accounts based on your product description and customer's challenges.

  • 02 Upload Product Description

    Input a description of your products or services through URLs, articles, blogs, or keywords. Engine learns through content in these articles. More the better.

  • 03 OceanFrogs Engine Runs 24/7

    Oceanfrogs ingests and analyzes unstructured data from 300+ free and paid sources generating scores and insights on these accounts.

  • 04 Consume Meaningful Insights

    Get a ranked list of accounts based on industry-specific signals. Insights can help address customer's needs better. Identify ready-to-engage leads and deliver the right marketing message.

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